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What can we do at home in Navan?

We're all in lockdown We we don't need to tell you that the whole country is in a virtual lock down due to the Covid 19 pandemic. All of our safety is paramount and we encourage all Navanites to keep up to date with recommendations from the relevant government websites - social media is never the best place to trust.  At the moment with all schools closed it is important to follow the dept advice not to arrange meetups between children etc - despite the challenge in keeping them entertained. "All pupils and students, from pre-school to third level are urged to practice social distancing, and to minimise physical contact with each other, to help avoid the spread of Covid-19. This should include minimising social contact, avoiding meeting up and keeping physical space between them. Parents and guardians are urged to support their children to maintain this approach." Many cafes and restaurants are open with slight changes to operating practices or opening hours s

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